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The Scandinavian Film Festival is organized by students of the University of Bonn, who have set themselves the task of bringing current Scandinavian and Finnish films to the city’s cinema screens – each film in its original language, subtitled in German or English. The week-long festival is held annually in April or May.

The festival was founded by students of Scandinavian Studies in 1999 and took place every year since then. Today, the organizational group consists of volunteer students from various disciplines. The festival is a non-profit organization entirely funded by sponsorships and through the support of the Nordic embassies.

Varied and Exciting

The Scandinavian Film Festival Bonn offers a varied and exciting feature film program each year, with current productions from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The festival also features a highly popular short film night, where we collaborate with renowned film schools to offer young filmmakers of Scandinavia an additional forum to show their works to a wider audience. Last but not least this year marks the inaugural showing of productions from the Faroe Islands on the festival’s big screen. 

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