Feature Films 2018

Mending Hugo‘s Heart | Vilken Jävla Cirkus (03.05.2017)

Sweden 2017; 125 min; OV with english subtitles – Director: Helena Bergström; Cast: Gustav Lindh, Molly Nutley

Hugo is a university student and heartbroken. After a severe bike accident he gets help from an unexpected direction – the performers of Circus Margôt. He agrees to become the new accountant for circus manager Casall. An world full of wonder, excitement and extravagant personalities opens up for him. And then there is Anna, the horsekeeper, who fascinates Hugo on first sight…

A heart-warming tragicomedy with a young cast and told in phantastic pictures.

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Going West | Rett West (04 May 2018)

Norway 2017; 79 min; OV with english subtitles – Director: Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken; Cast: Benjamin Helstad, Ingar Helge Gimle

Kaspar is a music teacher. Sort of, at least. One day he gets fired – and a mysterious call by his father who makes an unusual offer: He wants to go on a roadtrip to the norwegian west coast. Final destination: A sewing contest! It is the beginning of an adventurous journey that leads to unusual encounters with others and with themselves.

„Going West“ is a film about tolerance, dealing with the death of loved ones and finally the joy of being alive.

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The Man | Mesteren (05 May 2018)

Dänemark 2017; 94 min; OV with english subtitles – Director: Charlotte Sieling; Cast: Jakob Oftebro, Søren Malling

Simon is the shining star oft he danish art scene and seems to have it all – until his son Caspar suddenly shows up. When Caspar turns out to be the world-famous street artist Ghost and gets showered with praise and attention, Simon increasingly sees his son as a rival. Yet over time the two of them try to get closer to each other.

Charlotte Sieling manages to portray a complex and difficult father-son-relationship that puts those involved on the test – and to present it as a firework of images and dialogue.


Dreams by the sea | Dreymar við havið (06 May 2018)

Faroe Islands / Denmark 2017; 78 min; OV with english subtitles – Director: Sakaris Stórá; Cast: Juliett Nattestad, Helena Heðinsdóttir

The long film debute oft he faroese islands tells the story of 16 year old Ester, who lives on an isolated island with her family. When the rebellious Ragna moves there, they quickly develop a friendship. Together they dream of a better life somewhere else, far away from the strict rules of religion, parents with alcohol issues and lonelyness. Despite the differences between them Ragna and Ester form a strong bond. Soon they realise that they are not trying to escape from the island but from themselves.

This ist the profound and thought-provoking tale of two teenagers looking for their path in life.


Tom of Finland – In cooperation with Queer Monday (07 May 2018)

Finland 2017; 115 min; OV with german subtitles – Director: Dome Karukoski; Cast: Jakob Oftebro, Jessica Grabowsky

Tom of Finland tells the story of the finnish artist Touko Laaksonen. Returning home to Finland after World War II he is unable to live his homosexuality. For compensation he begins to draw homoerotic images. When his drawings get published in a californian magazine he becomes the hero of the local gay scene and discovers a completely new way of living.

Director Dome Karukoski brings the life of one of the most important finnish artists of the 20th century on the big screen.


Das Mädchen aus dem Norden | Sami Blood | Sameblod (08 May 2018)

Sweden 2016; 110 min; OV with german subtitles – Director: Amanda Kernell; Cast: Lene Cecilia Sparrok; Mia Erika Sparrok

Sweden in the 1930s. 78 year old Christina remembers her childhood as a Sami girl: At the age of 14 Elle Marja gets sent to a conservative swedish school close tot he town of Uppsala along with her sister. The other students eye the Sami children critically. Soon Elle and her sister feel that they are marked as inferior by their classmates.

Amanda Kernells award-winning debute (e.g. Göteborg International Film Festival 2016, International Film Festival in Venice 2016) builds a bridge between the past and the present and shows the humiliations the Sami had to endure.


Under The Tree | Undir trénu (09 May 2018)

Iceland 2017; 89 min; OV with english subtitles – Director: Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson; Cast: Edda Björgvinsdóttir,
Steinþór Hróar Steinþórsson

When his wife kicks him out, Atli has to move back in with his parents. But small town life is not as peaceful as you might think. Inga and Baldvin are caught up in a fierce fight with their neighbours. The bone of contention: A tree that throws it’s shadow on the front yard next door. While Atli is fighting to see his daughter again, the conflict escalates and chaos takes it’s toll…

Halfsteinn Gunnar takes a neighbourhood dispute to the next level in his black comedy. „Under The Tree“ premiered on the 74th film festival in Venice.